Welcome Back Commander!

We are currently going through a number of re-designs which will lead to a combination of Geekery and Games forum.

Appologies for the long delay.... There are still the plans for a web-forum as well as implementing a CMS to facilitate future updates.

I am currently trying to find time to sit down with a book on PHP so that I may better implement some of the ideas for this site. Though there are other projects that have a higher priority than updating this small site I will endeavour to get it back to the state I'd like and to apologise for the temporary inconvenience.

Due to a lack of time and patience and sheer complexity I wil be removing the D20 Discworld project from the site. As this has not been updated in a "Significant" time it has been deemed to be un-necessary and a current miss-use of space.


This site as with all others will probably NEVER be finished and it may be a while between updates.
But hey that doesn't mean that it isn't worth checking the little site every now and then.
There will probably be new bells and whistles added at some point. So Please return every now and then and keep this site popular

This site is created using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and SSI's (Server Side Includes) so that means that there are NO FRAMES.

Unfortunately some old browsers don't handle CSS that well so please follow the links below to upgrade your browsers so that you can see this site in all it's glory ;-)

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