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Back in June 2001 I started work in a Web-Design firm and due to having little experience of HTML except for what I had taught myself in 1998 I was told to practice on making myself a website. This was the beginning of Weirdness Central... a couple of pages hosted within a sub-directory of my employer's web-site.

The site developed and in February 2002 it was moved to it's own hosting with the first forum, unofficial conversion of Discworld to the d20 system and the collection of RPG character-sheet downloads. It continued with some minor up-dates and tweaks until 2004 where having been given access to an ASP server allowed me to update to a better forum and add some functionality to the site as well as overhaul the design.

The company that had hosted the site on the ASP server had decided that they would no longer be providing this service. This has given me an excuse to once more re-design this site.

So in short to those that have previously visited... Welcome Back!

The Admin, Designer, etc. etc.

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