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This covers the features that have been implemented within this site to improve the accessibility of its contents for all users, and in particular for users with sensory or physical impairments.

If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility features of this site, email them to enquiries@weirdness-central.co.uk

Style Sheets

This site incorporates Cascading Style Sheets, which enabled users to customise pages to suit their own needs using their own styles. The site text and background colours can all be overridden with your own preferences, catering for your needs. This is usually possible in the browser option or accessibility settings but please consult your software help option for full instructions.

Access keys

To use the Access Keys on your system, please follow these steps as they vary slightly across browsers and operating systems:

Please consult your software help option for information regarding other platforms.

A feature used to improve ease of navigation is the use of Access Keys. These are shortcut keys used to gain instant access to important or common parts of the site. The current list of Access Keys on the site is:

Access Key 0 - Accessing this Website

Access Key 1 - Home Page

Access Key 2 - About Us

Access Key 3 - Aims

Access Key 6 - Downloads

Access Key 7 - Contact Us

Access Key 8 - Links

Access Key 9 - Terms and Conditions

Access Key P - Privacy Policy

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